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November 13, 2017

WATCH: FOX29's Mike Jerrick guzzles insects with insane gusto

The age of sustainability has brought with it all kinds of revolutionary ideas to reduce the global impact of human consumption.

It doesn't take much to get behind plans for the expansion of solar and wind-powered energy, or to carry a tote bag to the supermarket, for that matter. 

But eating bugs? Sure enough, green-thinking nutrition advocates have been extolling the virtues of cricket protein for years now. Even the business world is starting to wake up to the opportunity. 

That doesn't mean early adopters are lining up to sink their teeth into desiccated wings and extremities for an afternoon snack.

This is where the world needs the force of a personality like Mike Jerrick, the "Good Day Philadelphia" anchor whose on-air improvisation has won hearts and minds across the Delaware Valley. 

Jerrick was joined Monday morning by the eccentric Dr. Oz and Jennifer Weigel, who visited the FOX29 studio from Center City's new MOM's Organic Market location. Weigel brought with her a variety of cricket and mealworm offerings for Dr. Oz and Jerrick to sample. 

For most of this five-minute segment, Jerrick is on his best behavior. He's not bugged out by any of it. And then, well, Jerrick just goes full Jerrick on a jar of crickets.