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March 01, 2017

Watch: Netflix trailer for upcoming Will Smith thriller 'Bright'

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030117_BrightSmith Netflix/YouTube

Will Smith in "Bright."

Global streaming giant Netflix has teased a clip from its upcoming feature film "Bright," a fantasy-tinged cop thriller that will star Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Last March, in a gamble that will test Netflix's strength as a producer of feature-length movies, the company purchased the rights to the project for $90 million, outbidding Warner Bros-MGM and PalmStar.

Smith rejoins David Ayer, who directed last summer's "Suicide Squad," for a film that will see an alternate Los Angeles teeming with mythical creatures including orcs, fairies and elves. Edgerton, an orc cop, teams with partner Will Smith to protect a young female elf in danger and prevent a valuable relic from creating havoc.

Ayer is best known for "Training Day," "End of Watch," and "Fury," while Smith looks to be working in familiar territory here.

"Bright" is set to be released directly on Netflix in December.