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January 08, 2018

Watch as New Jersey surfers ride waves right after intense snow storm

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Surfing Snow Belmar The Surfers View/YouTube

This screenshot from The Surfers View's live beach cam in Belmar, New Jersey, shows surfers catching waves shortly after an intense snow storm hit the region.

The East Coast was pelted with snow, freezing temperatures and high winds last week, but that didn't stop surfers in one Jersey Shore town from getting out on their boards.

Footage from The Surfers View shows some "die-hards" making their way out into the ocean within an hour after the snow stopped falling on Thursday.

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As CBS3 notes, it was only about 16 degrees outside in the Monmouth County shore town at the time.

The live beach cam footage shows about a dozen surfers trying to catch waves in the brutal conditions.

Seems insane, right? Maybe it's something about Belmar that invokes such an adventurous spirit. Comedian Derek DeAngelis posted a video of himself "swimming" in the town's sea of snow. 

Or maybe everyone's starting to go a little stir crazy from the frigid weather. Only 163 days until summer, people.