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January 13, 2016

WATCH: NJ workers celebrate Powerball jackpot they didn't win

Employees of diner rejoice, find out they checked wrong winning numbers

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New Jersey Powerball YouTube/Screenshot

New Jersey workers celebrate their Powerball win, only to find out later it was a mistake.

If you're bummed you haven't struck Powerball gold, take solace in knowing you didn't win millions of dollars from the growing lottery jackpot -- only to find out you didn't.

Because that was the case for several New Jersey workers Saturday night. According to CBSPhilly, employees at Grissini Restaurant in Englewood Cliffs had an office pool ticket that matched the winning numbers, giving them the prize which at the time was $950 million.

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Cell phone video captured them celebrating. And who could blame them: they’re millionaires!

Except they weren't. CBS reports shortly after rejoicing in victory, they realized the numbers they were checking online were from the previous Wednesday's drawing.

How did that feel? One of the workers summed it up perfectly to 6ABC. They told the news station it reminded him of a certain game show host's recent gaffe.

A worker at the restaurant said it was kind of like when Steve Harvey announced that Miss Columbia won only to find out she was the runner-up.

Hey, at least, they didn't fall into a hole like one person did while going to buy a Powerball ticket in Texas.