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August 16, 2016

WATCH: Utley gets standing ovation in return - and two more after his HRs

The Phillies don't play walk-up music for visiting players, but they made an exception on Monday night. When the Los Angeles Dodgers leadoff hitter stepped to the plate for the first time since being traded a year ago, a familiar song played at Citizens Bank Park: Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."

Yep, Chase Utley is back in town.

Utley was introduced by public address announcer Dan Baker, and it took the fans almost 90 seconds to stop clapping. They even booed when a strike was called on Utley, who eventually struck out. Ryan Howard, the rest of the Phillies, and Utley's current Dodger teammates joined in on the applause.

At one point, the normally stoic Utley pounded his fist on his heart. You can check out the whole thing here:

And here's the view from inside the ballpark via our own Ryan Lawrence:

And then the game started and Utley did what Utley does.

In the fifth inning of the Dodgers' 15-5 win over the Phillies, he hit his first home run as a visiting player at Citizens Bank Park, a solo shot that earned his second standing ovation of the night.

And even a curtain call from Phillies fans...

Then in the top of the seventh, Utley hit his second home run of the night to put the Dodgers up 13-2.

Again, it was nothing but respect from the home fans.

Utley finished the game 2-for-4 with two home runs, 5 RBI and a walk.

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