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November 10, 2017

Watch: Teens react to 100-year-old Philly high school yearbook

One of the most popular trends on YouTube is filming category X of people reacting to thing Y, with which they're unfamiliar. 

Fine Brothers Entertainment capitalizes on the trend, publishing videos of adults reacting to modern kid things, college students reacting to popular music, kids reacting to disco, etc., etc.

It's a simple format that plays to our most guilty cultural pleasures, but much like James Corden's nauseatingly sappy "Carpool Karaoke", it works. Most of FBE's videos have somewhere around half-a-million to a million views.

Unlike "Carpool Karaoke," thought, some of these reaction videos can be quite enjoyable, such as one from FBE posted Thursday in which teenagers go through a 100-year-old yearbook from a Philadelphia high school.

The yearbook from William Penn High School for Girls — now Franklin Learning Center, a co-ed, magnet high school in the School District of Philadelphia — is full of oddities that baffle the teens in the video, such as printing students' addresses next to their photos; personal poems instead of senior quotes; and the girls' early-20th century first names.

Some more serious issues are raised as well, including school desegregation. It's worth a watch, which you can do below: