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August 01, 2018

RainFall: Autumn forecast looks to be all wet

Unseasonable temperatures would be the silver lining, says AccuWeather forecaster

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08012018_rain_umbrella_Pexels Photo by Adrianna Calvo/from Pexels


If you've grown tired of all the wet weather in recent weeks, you may want to close your browser right now.

AccuWeather on Wednesday released its fall forecast and, well, while it contains phrases like "gradual transition" and "warmth lingers," it also includes the words "tropical rainfall."

The weather forecaster sees summer carrying over to the start of fall in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and the rest of the mid-Atlantic with a delay in the arrival of chilly air.

Unfortunately, those unseasonable temperatures look to be accompanied by lots of rain. Fall officially begins with the autumnal equinox on September 22.

“There’s been a lot of rainfall for the spring and summer, so if we do get any tropical impact, the risk of flash flooding will exist,” Paul Pastelok, an expert long-range forecaster with the weather service, told

For what it's worth, the Farmer's Almanac forecast sees warmer temperatures in September and October, but predicts it will be drier than average.

Read the full story on, which includes a forecast for the entire country and prospects for the arrival of El Niño.