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December 28, 2015

The weekend in Philly sports GIFs and Vines

The Eagles were mercifully eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday night by a mediocre Washington team, and man, there couldn’t have been a more fitting play that put the season to bed:

The day after Chip Kelly’s culture club got clobbered, guess who won a ninth straight game, clinched a playoff spot, and made sure the dab officially jumped the shark? (h/t The Cauldron)

The Flyers, who have been the city’s lone shining light over the past month, then got into a crazy situation on the West Coast late Sunday night (h/t SB Nation):

Somehow, Wayne Simmonds wasn't involved in that one. Four Flyers went to the box as a result of that scrum, and Claude Giroux joined them 30 seconds later. Five’s a crowd! The captain’s reaction was pretty great:

It wasn’t all bad, though. Who would have guessed the Sixers as the ones to provide the highlights?

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