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July 31, 2019

This 6-minute video is the perfect explanation of what happens when you overdose

And yes, alcohol blackouts count as an overdose

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Most people don't truly understand what’s going on in the body when an overdose occurs, but a new video wants to change that.

A video series produced by the American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios, dubbed “Reactions,” focused a recent video on overdoses. Specifically, the video explores what happens in the brain and body when an overdose, from any number of popular drugs and substances, occurs.

The video does a great job of explaining extremely complex bodily functions and processes, while remaining concise and easy to understand.

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Most interestingly, the video explains that there are multiple ways to overdose — not just from opioids – and goes on to explain the effects of overdosing from different types of substances, ranging from alcohol to amphetamines. The video notes that blacking out from a night of drinking does constitute an overdose, meaning that many people have overdosed without even knowing it.

View the nearly six-minute video here to learn more about overdoses:

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