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Alcohol use disorder can be treated with an array of medications – but few people have heard of them

Alcohol Addiction Medications


More Americans now use marijuana every day than alcohol, study finds

Marijuana Alcohol Use


Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis − here's how research on alcohol use disorder has shifted

Binge Drinking Crisis

Food & Drink

Philly canned cocktail brand Surfside expands in U.S., introduces new flavors

surfside iced tea


Shortage of alcohol dependency drug threatens many in recovery – at a time when booze sales are up

Naltrexone Alcohol Sales


New beer-tasting event in Center City to feature dozens of craft brewers

Beer fest Three3s Brewing

Adult Health

Sober curious? Here are tips for cutting back on alcohol or stopping drinking completely

Reduce alcohol consumption

Food & Drink

Alcohol-free festival for the sober-curious comes to Philly this month

Dry Vibes Philadelphia


Drinking during holidays and special occasions could affect how you parent your kids

Parenting Holidays Drinking


Underage drinkers in N.J. could face new penalties after Senate panel approves bill

New Jersey Underage Drinkers


Weight-loss drug Wegovy could help treat alcohol addiction, researchers say

Wegovy Alcohol Addiction

Food & Drink

BOTLD opens liquor store in Midtown Village, the Philly company's second location

Botld Midtown village

Children's Health

New research points to male drinking as a significant factor in fetal alcohol syndrome

Male Drinking Pregnancy

Men's Health

For many men, the holidays are time for overindulgence, but they also can be a launch pad to a healthy lifestyle

Holidays Healthy Living

Food & Drink

Eagles debut Bird Gang Spirits, a liquor brand selling bourbon and vodka

Bird Gang Spirits


New Ridge Brewing Co. to host new beer festival at Roxborough Pocket Park

Taps Under the Towers

Food & Drink

Sample more than 80 different tequilas, learn how the liquor is produced, and eat tacos during a tasting party at Añejo

Añejo tequila tasting


Glenside's Keswick Tavern shut down, raided by state liquor enforcement

Keswick Tavern Liquor Raid

Food & Drink

Dunkin' partnering with a brewery to release spiked drink line

Dunkin Spiked coffee

Xfinity Live! to host season-long Eagles tailgate featuring food and unlimited drinks

Xfinity Live Tailgate

Food & Drink

Bucks County breweries join forces to create a new American pale ale

Bucks County Beer


Men historically have drank themselves to death more often than women – but that is changing, study finds

Alcohol Deaths Women


Alcopops, BORGS and other sugary cocktails are fueling a new, underage, binge-drinking trend in Pennsylvania, PLCB says

PLCB Report Underage Drinking

Food & Drink

New spirits company created by Cape May Brewing Co. debuts Beach Blends cocktails

Cape May Spirits

Health News

Smoking, drinking habits may explain why night owls tend to die younger than morning people

Night Owls Sleep


Ocean City steps up enforcement against 'drunken teens' after Memorial Day weekend incidents

Ocean City Curfew

Food & Drink

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. to celebrate anniversary with double IPA beer

Cosmic Bull Shark


New Jersey lawmakers consider 'White Claw tax,' easing brewery restrictions and other liquor law changes

nj liquor laws


Wildwood bans alcohol on beach, boardwalk — whether it's in open or closed containers

wildwood alcohol ban


Wildwood weighs strict law banning alcohol on boardwalk, beaches

Wildwood Alcohol Laws

Food & Drink

PLCB to hold online lottery for 3,919 bottles of rare whiskeys

Food & Drink

Sample cocktails, dishes from local chefs when Bok Bar reopens this spring

Bok Bar Reopening

Food & Drink

Evil Genius, White Castle team up to release hazy kiwi dragonfruit IPA

Evil Genius White Castle

Food & Drink

Food & Wine recognizes Philly spirit maker behind crab-infused whiskey

Crab Trapper Whiskey

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania residents can join lotteries for 814 rare whiskey bottles

Pennsylvania Whiskey Lotteries PLBC


Celebrate Valentine's Day by taking a mixology class during the Now + Then Marketplace

N+T marketplace Valentine's Day Mixology

Food & Drink

Dress in your wedding-day best on Valentine's Day, and get free beer at Dock Street

Wedding beer


New Jersey could soon repeal its Prohibition-era liquor license rules, officials say

New Jersey Liquor License Rules

Food & Drink

Not drinking for Dry January? These Philly bars and restaurants serve alcohol-free mocktails all month

Dry January Urban Farmer

Food & Drink

Grab a drink out of the community fridge and eat Filipino food at Tabachoy

Tabachoy community fridge

Food & Drink

The Mummers now have their own hard iced tea in a can

mummers row hard tea

Health News

The biggest health trends of 2023 may include journaling and eating kelp

Health trends 2023

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