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Fine Wine & Good Spirits offering storewide 10% Leap Day sale on Saturday

Leap Day Liquor Pennsylvania

Health Stories

South Jersey native Kelly Ripa opens up about quitting drinking

Kelly Ripa Alcohol

Food & Drink

La Colombe's Hard Cold Brew Coffee is finally available in Philly

La Colombe

Adult Health

Once the 'disease of kings,' gout still afflicts millions of people

Everything you need to know about gout

Adult Health

Study puts Pennsylvania among nation’s heaviest drinking states

Pennsylvania drinking

Health News

Alcohol blamed for deaths of an increasing number of Americans

alcohol death health

Adult Health

Abstaining from alcohol may reduce atrial fibrillation episodes



These are the top three liquor products Philly residents bought this year

Philly liquor


The science behind hangovers and their myriad 'cures'

Best hangover cures

Men's Health

A health guide to drinking alcohol at the holidays

Holiday drinking

Mental Health

Here's how to alleviate the stress of the holiday season in a healthy way

Holiday Stress Tips


Even drinking just a little alcohol increases cancer risk, study finds

Drinking alcohol cancer risk


Ketamine and behavioral therapy may help alcoholics regain sobriety

Ketamine treatment alcohol abuse

Adult Health

Deaths from alcohol-related liver disease keep climbing – as American life expectancy keeps falling

Alcohol-related liver disease deaths


Map shows Philly's most common streets for DUI arrests

Traffic DUI


These habits can increase the risk of birth defects

Habits that increase the risk of birth defects

Adult Health

How much is too much when it comes to drinking alcohol?

alcohol unsplash

Food & Drink

Port Richmond's Tinys Bottle Shop named one of U.S.'s best neighborhood wine shops

Port Richmond tinys bottle shop


Frequent drinking poses more risk to your heart than binge drinking, study says

Drinking frequency afib

Health News

College students tend to underestimate the alcohol content in Four Loko, study says

College students underestimate Four Loko alcohol

Children's Health

Men should avoid alcohol in months before conception for baby's heart health, study suggests

Drinking congenital heart disease

Food & Drink

Cherry Hill-based spiked seltzer finishes second at hard seltzer festival

Cherry Hill Spiked seltzer


Parents of murdered Temple student Jenna Burleigh suing attacker, North Philly bar where they met

Joshua Hupperterz Pub Webb

Food & Drink

Di Bruno Bros. is opening an Italian Market bottle shop in October

Di Bruno Bros. wine and cheese plate


Pennsylvania bar creates Spotted Lanternfly Shot to drown our sorrows

Spotted Lanternfly shot

Health News

Marijuana-alcohol combo linked to riskier behavior in Penn State study

Marijuana Alcohol

Healthy Eating

This popular diet limits alcohol consumption – and it might boost brain function

mediterranean diet alcohol

Senior Health

Older Americans increasingly having a binge drinking problem new study reports

binge drinking senior citizens


This 6-minute video is the perfect explanation of what happens when you overdose

what happens when you overdose


Legalizing recreational marijuana could impact alcohol and tobacco industries dramatically, research shows


Proximity to green space can curb cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, study says

Carroll - Walking in Rittenhouse Square


This blissful nonalcoholic beverage has only 25 calories

kin euphorics spritz nonalcoholic

Women's Health

Women's mental health likely to improve after quitting alcohol

quitting alcohol mental health

Adult Health

Three signs you’re drinking too much

Bar Bottles 07052019

Philadelphia Union

MLS will allow liquor sponsorships on jerseys. Which local booze would each Philly team choose?

Phang Gritty at a game


Alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer — and few women know that

alcohol breast cancer risk


Could Atlantic City pass open-container alcohol bill by Fourth of July?

Atlantic City open container bill


Do genetics make some people more prone to drunken blackouts?

Genetics of binge drinking and blacking out


Pilot removed from American Airlines jet about to fly from England to Philadelphia pleads guilty to drinking alcohol

American Airlines PHL


Wildwood Crest considers lifting alcohol sale ban, asks for residents’ opinions

wildwood crest jersey shore

Food & Drink

This cider-based, canned cocktail is a fresh take on the Aperol Spritz

mezzo spritz


Study finds potentially carcinogenic weed killer ingredient in these popular beer and wine brands

generic beer weed killer study unsplash

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