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Could Atlantic City pass open-container alcohol bill by Fourth of July?

Atlantic City open container bill


Do genetics make some people more prone to drunken blackouts?

Genetics of binge drinking and blacking out


Pilot removed from American Airlines jet about to fly from England to Philadelphia pleads guilty to drinking alcohol

American Airlines PHL


Wildwood Crest considers lifting alcohol sale ban, asks for residents’ opinions

wildwood crest jersey shore

Food & Drink

This cider-based, canned cocktail is a fresh take on the Aperol Spritz

mezzo spritz


Study finds potentially carcinogenic weed killer ingredient in these popular beer and wine brands

generic beer weed killer study unsplash


Philly-bound American Airlines pilot arrested for intoxication before trans-Atlantic flight

Stock_Carroll - American Airlines plane at the Philadelphia International Airport

Adult Health

A new drunken study myth-busts the 'beer before wine' hangover theory

alcohol unsplash

Food & Drink

Tired Hands is opening its first Philadelphia location in Kensington

Carroll - Tired Hands Brewing Company

Food and Drink

Dogfish Head announces a new 'healthy-ish' beer — a low-calorie IPA



What's your favorite thing to eat to chase away a hangover?


Odd News

Kutztown police recruit drunken volunteers on Facebook for officer training

Kutztown police department


Here’s what happens to your body during a hangover

Woman in bed with a pillow over her head

Odd News

Temple alum's 'drunk' dad emails university president, demanding daughter become football coach

Nina Mann

Adult Health

Dry January is the perfect way to kick off 2019 on a healthy note


Healthy Eating

Behold, a new alcoholic beverage that is simply spiked still water

pura still spiked water


Your booze-rushed ticker might be 'holiday heart syndrome'


NJ Transit

NJ Transit is banning all beverages onboard – alcoholic or otherwise – ahead of SantaCon

santacon nyc


Taste testing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer feels the same to your brain, study found

stock image of beers

Health News

Penn State researchers ID five age-specific 'profiles' of problem drinkers


Health News

New guidelines recommend all adults be screened by a physician for unhealthy alcohol use


Food & Drink

What does Philadelphia drink? Some numbers from Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's 2017-18 report



Why has Halloween become so popular among adults?


Food & Drink

Beer, Booze, and Boos is what your inner child needs

Bluebird Distilling

Food & Drink

Try making these 4 apple cocktails at home this fall using Philly booze

chaddsford winery cocktails

Food & Drink

Tired Hands long-awaited beer garden is open in Kensington

Carroll - Tired Hands Brewing Company


Facts vs. Myths: The truth about drinking beer

Lager on Bar


Teenagers' brains make them more prone to addiction



Hey Philly cops, stop bragging about seizing people's flasks at outdoor concerts

6_090218_Made in America_Reed.jpg


Navy veteran describes 'slippery slope' into opioid addiction – and his journey out

Carroll - Opioid Recovery

Food & Drink

Urban Village Brewing Co. is selling cans of Super Bowl LII-inspired beer, 'Fiddy Two'

urban village brewing co

Healthy Eating

No amount of alcohol is a 'safe' amount of alcohol, new research says


Food & Drink

Here's how to celebrate National Tequila Day in Philly on Tuesday



Allentown meadery sells out of 'Joel Em-Mead' Shirley Temple cans online in 44 minutes

Joel Em-Mead


Study: More young Americans are dying of liver disease caused by alcoholism


Food & Drink

Here's how to get free wine at this popular Rittenhouse café

metropolitan bakery pizza


Alcohol's health benefits hard to prove, but harms are easy to document


Jersey Shore

One Jersey Shore town is cracking down on beach drinking

sea isle city beach jersey shore


Beaver Whiskey is a thing and it's available at Art in the Age

Eau De Musc at Art in the Age

Children's Health

Do boozy Instagram posts prompt teens to drink? Penn research shows connection

smart phone apps instagram

World Records

Whiskey sets world record at more than $1 million per bottle

A whiskey cocktail

Food & Drink

You can buy alcoholic slushies in Pennsylvania beer distributors now?

Alcohol slushies beer distributors

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