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October 23, 2018

Three workouts you can do with your baby

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Life as a parent can be chaotic, to say the very least. New parents tend to feel especially overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and short on time. This can make things like squeezing in a workout quite difficult, with regular weekly exercise often falling off the radar altogether. But for new moms in particular, exercise is important, and can help accomplish everything from reducing postpartum body aches and pains, to strengthening the pelvic floor, to increasing energy levels, and improving overall mood.

Always remember that safety is the number one priority. Before getting started with any exercise regimen, have a conversation with your pediatrician to ensure your baby is up for the activity. You should also take stock of your child’s mobility and strength, and be sure that your baby is able to hold his or her head up on their own. This usually happens around the three- to four-month mark.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or dad, or a seasoned parent of a big brood, try out one (or all) of these muscle-toning workouts that are perfect for parent and baby.


There are several variations of the traditional curl-up that you can try with your baby or toddler. To get started, lie face up on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat. Place your baby in a seated or reclined position so they’re sitting on your pelvis. Hold them securely under their arms with your fingers wrapped around their torso. Simply contract your abdominal muscles and lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, holding for three seconds. Doing 15 to 20 reps will help strengthen your core muscles and work wonders for your lower back.

Squat and Curl

The squat is another classic move that can be adjusted to accommodate your young one. Hold your baby out in front of you at chest-level, squat, and as you return to a standing position, “curl” baby in toward you. For perfect form, stand with your feet hip-width apart and, as you lower your rear end, be sure to keep your knees in line with your ankles and toes.

Stroller Lunges

This is a great workout for your legs and it’s an easy one to incorporate into your daily routine when out for a walk with the little one. Begin by putting your baby in their stroller, facing you. Put your left foot about three feet back. Move your right foot forward with your knees bent at a ninety-degree angle. At this point, your knees should be in line with your ankles. Hold this position for ten seconds, at which point you should feel free to smile or make goofy faces at your baby as you hold this pose, before returning to your original position. Repeat this motion ten times on each side.

As your children get older, their own schedules will start to fill up with various obligations and activities, which is why it’s important to introduce them to exercise at a very young age. The best part about working out with little ones is the freedom that comes with choosing your own routine. Working out with kids doesn’t require trainers or gyms. All you need to stay fit with your family is a driveway, sidewalk, or neighborhood park — plus a strong commitment to health and wellness.

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