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April 29, 2016

Yes, your puppies are very, very cute too!

When I asked readers to send in photos of adorable pooches, they totally complied

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Adorable puppies Submitted photos/For PhillyVoice

Many readers sent in photos of their adorable pooches per PhillyVoice request this week.

On Thursday, I shared the story of how an adorable little puppy named Scarlet Overkill joined our family this week. 

In making said public announcement, I maintained that Scarlet is "the cutest puppy in Philadelphia history." As you can see below, this was a fair assessment.

Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Meet Scarlet Overkill, the cutest puppy in Philadelphia.


I also invited readers to submit photos of pooches they deem as, or more, adorable. 

Since our puppies are the apples of our eyes, many of you responded, which was totally awesome. Some of those photos can be seen in the collage atop this post. 

I'll now credit and hyperlink those photos so you can see larger versions of said puppy photos.

Clockwise from upper left corner (users' privacy settings may direct some of these links back to our Facebook post about the story): Cutest dog in Sea Isle per Toni G., Jax & Juno, Michael's sleeping beauty, Wendy, Mike Dee's pride and joy, Philly, Sarah S.W. couldn't resist sharing this shot, Kim's Ewok-esque pup, and Maureen's pre-growth-spurt pal. 

There were others, so if you're not puppied out, check via Facebook and Twitter(s). This is a good way to ease into a Friday morning.