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December 15, 2016

The gift that will literally please everyone on your list

Holidays Gifts

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With the holidays closing in on us, the to-do lists and mental notes are stacking. It’s now what is charmingly referred to as “go time,” and your mission is to find the perfect gifts for the dear ones on your list — who happen to be impossible to shop for.

Maybe you’ve approached your gift strategy with due diligence, and you’re feeling like a regular Santa. You have a gift planned for everyone... except those who are impossible to buy for. Whether you’re ready or not, we all have at least one of these “Impossibles” in our life.

They tend to fall into certain categories, but they all have one thing in common: We don’t know what to get them. Now enter – Starr Restaurants.

Let’s address your list of Impossibles head on:

Impossible No. 1: THE BOSS

Where to take them: Barclay Prime

Your stoic leader whom, as usual, you want to impress. You want a gift that communicates respect, style and status; one that reflects your good taste and sound judgment. The clear choice is Barclay Prime. Sophisticated and steeped in exquisite tradition, this iconic steakhouse is a true classic. From start to finish, this restaurant provides a phenomenal experience — a sumptuous meal in an impeccable setting. Your boss will be certain to thank you.

Impossible No. 2: YOUR OTHER HALF

Where to take them: The Love

Introduce the love of your life to Starr’s newest addition, The Love. Named appropriately for this particular “Impossible,” The Love offers the best of both worlds – a relaxing experience in the midst of a sophisticated atmosphere all just steps away from Rittenhouse Square. Fall in love all over again while sipping from a unique list of local wines and ciders and savoring seasonal flavors from the American inspired menu. Just be careful – this romantic experience will be hard to outdo next year. 

Impossible No. 3: FAMILY

Where to take them: Pizzeria Stella

Want to say thank you for everything they do for you throughout the year? Take them to Pizzeria Stella. No reservations are needed and everyone will love the authentic wood-fired pizza, pasta and gelato –as well as the generous selection of Italian beer, wine and cocktails – offered in this casual, yet stylish, haven. Celebrate life together as a family in a cozy dining area overlooking Society Hill’s Headhouse Square. They’ll love you even more for this treasure.

Impossible No. 4: YOUR BFF

Where to take them: Serpico

Looking to chill and spend some time catching up in an intimate (yet distinctive) setting with a true neighborhood feel? The surprisingly easy choice is Serpico. Unwind and laugh together while enjoying the chef’s unique take on global cuisine, a hand-picked list of food-friendly wines and exceptional cocktails featuring boutique spirits. There’s no better place to spend the night trading memories with your BFF.

Impossible No. 5: EVERYONE ELSE

Where to take them: Parc

Not sure where to take that person who doesn’t quite fit into any of the above categories? You can’t go wrong with Parc. This exquisitely detailed French bistro will impress even the most critical individuals in your life. They’ll take in sweeping views of Rittenhouse Square while enjoying delicious wines, classic cocktails, and a wide-ranging menu that remains true to the traditions that inspired it. What’s not to love about that? It’s the perfect gift for literally anyone on your list.

Here’s the bottom line: Your “Impossibles” don’t want or need any more “stuff.” This year, give them the gift of an amazing experience. It’s the one thing everyone wants.

A Starr Restaurants gift card is no ordinary thing. It’s the opposite of a basic, unthoughtful gift — it’s a ticket to another world. It’s access. It’s an experience. Here’s the best part, when you purchase $500 worth of Starr Restaurant gift cards for your impossibles, you get an extra $50 for yourself. Even better, get another $50 gift card for each additional $250. Click here to take care of your Impossibles right now.