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May 23, 2016

2016 Jersey Shore beach guide: Long Beach Township

Long Beach Township was incorporated in 1899, and today it includes the following areas of Long Beach Island: High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala Park, Beach Haven Park, Haven Beach, The Dunes, Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Bay Vista, Spray Beach, North Beach Haven, Beach Haven Heights, Silver Sands, Beach Haven Inlet and Holgate.

Beach tags:

Everyone age 12 and older is required to have a beach badge while using the Long Beach Township beaches between June 19 and Sept. 5.

Seasonal tags purchased by June 15 cost $30. Preseason orders can be made using this form and must be picked up at the Long Beach Township Beach Badge Office, 6805 Long Beach Blvd., Brant Beach.

Tags purchased June 16 or later will cost $40. Senior citizen beach badges are available for those age 65 and older for $5 with proof of age, and veterans are entitled to a free beach badge with valid military identification.

The township’s weekly beach badges cost $20, and daily badges are $7.

The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol has a complete list of streets where beach badges are required here.

For more information, visit the beach patrol’s beach badge page.

Lifeguard hours:

This year, Long Beach Township beaches will be guarded from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. between June 19 and Labor Day.

Long Beach Township’s complete 2016 list of guarded beaches is here

Beach rules:

There are a lot of rules governing behavior and activities on the sand in Long Beach, and it’s easiest to visit the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol’s beach regulations page to familiarize yourself with them all.

A good portion of that page is dedicated to stating and restating the township’s umbrella/beach tent ordinance. It boils down to this: Only single-pole beach umbrellas no wider than 8 feet are allowed on the beach. Anything larger or more tent-like requires the approval of the LBTBP and a permit.

Other “don’ts” of note include:

Don’t throw, bat or catch a baseball, football, basketball, softball, rubber ball, beach ball, Frisbee or any other object in the protected beach areas where bathing is supervised.

Don’t use any inflatable raft, inner tube, water wings or any floating or inflatable object of any kind on ocean beaches in the township.

Don’t ride or walk horses on the beach.

Don’t sleep on the beach any time between midnight and 6 a.m.

Don’t bring a volume of nonalcoholic beverages exceeding 1 quart per person onto guarded beaches.

Don’t run on the beach within the areas protected by lifeguards.

Don’t operate, ride or use skateboards, or park or store boats, hobie-cats or boat trailers in the township-owned ocean- or bay-front parks.

Don’t bring dogs on the beach between May 1 and Oct. 1.

Long Beach Township created surfing beaches in 2010. There are 21 designated beaches, and here is a complete list

Public parking:

Parking is available on most streets. Obey restrictions on posted signs.


The township’s calendar of events can be found here.

More information:

Long Beach Township Facebook page | Long Beach Township municipal website | Long Beach Township Police Department | Long Beach Township Beach Patrol