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November 12, 2016

Allen Iverson needed some ‘practice’ at the mannequin challenge

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The NBA is in such a great place right now. At last night’s game between the Sixers and Pacers, not must-see television by any stretch of the imagination, there was still so much going on in the arena. You had a real-life English Premier League manager sitting courtside and Joel Embiid taking over down the stretch, but by far, Allen Iverson was the night’s star.

During a stoppage of play, the Sixers introduced their former star on the jumbotron like they always do when A.I. is in the building. The rest of Iverson’s suite was taking part in the mannequin challenge, but there was one problem: Iverson didn’t get the memo, as he was saluting the crowd.

This was some high-quality unintentional comedy:

It’s not a surprise that Iverson couldn’t stay still, considering he was in constant motion throughout his playing career, playing the passing lanes and darting into the lane on every possession.

The Sixers released another take on their website, and Iverson was able to stay in his seat this time around. If this video happened after the first mannequin challenge, we would be talking about practice paying off:

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