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November 22, 2017

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak headed to Philly

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, known widely as simply “The Woz,” is coming to Philadelphia next year.

Wozniak will be featured at a conference for InstaMed, a Philadelphia-based company that connects providers and patients for health care payments. The InstaMed User Conference will run from April 9 to April 11 at the Warwick Hotel.

As the keynote speaker, Wozniak will discuss his career and entrepreneurship and how it can be applied to attendees interested in health care consumerism.

“We have the opportunity to create great products that can make people’s lives better,” Wozniak said in a statement.

“I see the health care industry finding new ways to leverage technology to improve the consumer experience and am impressed by InstaMed’s steadfast focus on innovating around health care payments, a historically confusing and painful aspect of the health care experience.”

Wozniak is responsible for developing the computer that launched Apple, the Apple I, in 1976, and alongside Steve Jobs for its sequel, the Apple II, in 1977 – which became one of the first mass-produced personal computers. He also blessed us all with the world’s first universal remote and might look familiar to any of you old-school Bravo fans who remember him as Kathy Griffin’s ex-boyfriend.

"Steve Wozniak has been a huge influence in my personal journey with technology and entrepreneurship," said InstaMed President and CEO Bill Marvin in a statement.

“I still have programs I wrote on the Apple II as a fifth grader back in the early 1980s, and I have followed his journey closely as an example of a true innovator.”

If you’d like to see The Woz for yourself, register online.