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January 09, 2018

Artist with Philly ties creates video game where you just dunk on Donald Trump

To call "Dunk on Trump" a "game" is probably a stretch, as the artist who created it notes.

Jayson Musson is a Brooklyn-based artist who got his degree in photography at the University of the Arts and his masters in painting at the University of Pennsylvania. He formerly wrote a column in Philadelphia Weekly called "Black Like Me," and has put on several art exhibitions across the country, but his true claim to fame is "Art Thoughtz," a video series parodying both the hip hop and art worlds.

In his latest work, Musson again combines two worlds: Our insatiable thirst for mindless distraction and the overwhelming disapproval rating of President Donald Trump.

"This project isn't really a game, I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to slam dunk on Donald J. Trump," Musson wrote in the description of the game's web page.

When you open the game, there is literally nothing else to it beyond the title: Continuously hit the space bar until the player with the basketball moves forward, leaps and dunks the ball, sending the president tumbling backwards, like an NBA player looking for a charge call from the ref.

"I'm not a game (developer) at all, I hardly know what I'm doing, but much like Donald Trump, I didn't let ignorance or lack of technical competence get in the way of my dreams, which is to let people vicariously dunk on Donald J. Trump," Musson wrote.

Musson hopes the game could be "therapeutic" for some. If you wish to play it, you can do so here. Of course, the game likely won’t have any appeal to Trump's supporters. So, to them, may I suggest another sports game, like Madden?

Yeah, you probably won't like that either.