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November 09, 2018

Take a beginner class taught by a BalletX instructor

Amy Novinski will host a pop-up on November 19

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Try something new and take a beginner ballet class.

Just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean your dreams of becoming a ballerina are left in the dust. A local ballet instructor — with tons of experience both on and off the stage — is hosting a beginner ballet pop-up class right here in Philly this month.

Philadelphia-based freelance dancer Amy Novinski teaches structured Vaganova-based ballet technique classes to students of all ages. On Monday, November 19, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Novinski will host a beginner ballet pop-up class at the Performance Garage. Beginners can expect introduction to the musculature, musicality and artistry required for ballet, as this will be a real Ballet 101-style class.

It's also worth noting that the class is only $10 and there's no need to sign up ahead of time — just get to the class a little early to get set up and stretching. As for attire, Novinski suggests form-fitting clothing that you can move in, hair secured back if it’s long, and if you don’t have ballet shoes, socks are just as well. 

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If you're interested, but not all the way sold on trying ballet for the first time, Novinski assures that "all adults can only benefit from learning a new skill, and ballet is especially nourishing to the new student because it brings a sense of body awareness that one most likely did not have before. Plus, it imbues a sense of grace, musicality, and healthy self-esteem. Not to mention the endorphins released!"

Oh, and if you already have a good bit of ballet experience under your belt and perhaps have been out of the game for a little bit, intermediate pop-up classes are scheduled at the Performance Garage on Wednesday, November 14 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. and on Wednesday, November 21, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Novinski hosts pop-ups a couple times per month, so keep an eye on her Instagram for the dates.

The Performance Garage is at 1515 Brandywine St. in Spring Garden. 

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