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July 30, 2018

The best 2018 fantasy football team names on the internet

Naming your 2018 Fantasy Football team is on your agenda, if you're playing this year, and as is tradition a great many team owners try and use "punny" and football relevant names.

Here's a look at our favorites for this season, scoured through the internet, message boards and Reddit (at the bottom are a few that are somewhat NSFW as well):

Our favorite Fantasy Football team names for 2018

Kerryon My Wayward Son 

Keep Calm And Kerryon

Hey! Darnold!

The Whirley Gurley Conspiracy

I've Got Guice in My Veins 

Oh, Saquon You See

Saquontum Leap

Saquon for the Team

Winter came Fournette Stark

Don't You Fournette About Me

Le'veon La Vida Loca

Drake it till You Make it

Dalvin and the Chipmonks

Guns and Rosen 

Ginn and Guice

Gesicki Sticky

Kamara Never Dies

Diggs in a Blanket

Waiting for Goedert

The Make A Wentz Foundation

Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You're Nasty

(Somewhat) NSFW

Smokin with Mahomies

9/11, Never Fournette

Fournetteflix and Chill

L'Assault McCoys

Thielen Myself

Saquon My Balls

Saquan Dez Nuts

I Mayfield a Chubb

Hyde and Go Luck Yourself

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