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July 04, 2017

Explore five beer-filled rooms in local mansion

Each room has a theme, like The Forest and The Stoop

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Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour Brooklyn Brewery/Flickr

Head to the Beer Mansion for unlimited brews.

On Aug. 11 and Aug. 12, Brooklyn Brewery Mash will present its Beer Mansion event at the Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery.

In the mansion, there will be five themed tasting rooms, where attendees can sample unlimited beers from Brooklyn Brewery and four Philly breweries.

The five rooms are: 

• Tart of the Tropics - Sour ales and citrus-forward IPAs
• The Forest - Hoppy lagers, American brown ales and piney IPAs
• The Darkness - Porters, stouts and black lagers
• The Stoop - Kolschs, pilsners, blondes and table beers
• The Anatomy of a Beer - A deconstructed tasting of Brooklyn Brewery’s Kiwi’s Playhouse

The evening will feature plenty of food and entertainment, too.

Food vendors at the beer bash include Bar Amis, Local 215 and Revolution Taco. Plus, there will be a Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chip Wall, a McClure’s bloody mary bar, beef jerky from Lawless Jerky and cheeses from Di Bruno Bros.

Entertainment includes tech-focused games and live music.

Tickets for the summer event, which is part of Brooklyn Brewery's eight-city world tour, start at $55 per person. As the Beer Mansion date inches closer, the price will increase.

The gated cemetery, where famous Philadelphians like Thomas Eakins and Rembrandt Peale are buried, will be the entrance to the Beer Mansion.

Brooklyn Brewery Mash Beer Mansion: Philly 2017

Aug. 11 through Aug. 12
6 p.m. | $55-$65 per person
Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery