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June 28, 2017

Could Trump be spending the Fourth of July weekend in New Jersey?

How will President Donald Trump be spending his first Independence Day weekend as Commander in Chief?

It could be at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, is reporting.

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Pilots received a warning to avoid Bedminster from Friday until Monday, according to the news site. The White House has not announced official plans. Federal Aviation Administration restrictions were placed on the area during Trump's Bedminster stay in May

The advisory includes a 10-mile "no-fly zone" around the course and 30-mile circle that imposes further restrictions, reported.

This weekend would mark Trump's third visit to the Bedminster estate as president, where he is known to spend summers.

During his stay earlier in June, a bride and groom were in for a surprise when Trump crashed their reception at the Bedminster golf course.

Trump tweeted back in May that his New Jersey visits would be saving the country money.

The small town of Bedminster, with a population around 9,000, has a 16-person police force, its mayor, Steven Parker told the Associated Press

"We've seen prominent folks come and go here locally over the many years, and I think most Bedminster residents kind of nod their heads and let it roll off and say, 'Well, that's nice,' and take it very low-key," Parker said.

Trump's summer in New Jersey could cost the town as much as $300,000 for the heightened security measures, according to the AP.