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August 02, 2016

Cowboys’ Stephen Jones: Tony Romo is in 'great shape'

After some rampant speculation, Fat Tony will have to remain a Simpsons character.

It seems that Dallas Morning News Cowboys writer Jon Machota caused some controversy last week when he tweeted out this photo of Tony Romo looking... well, large:

With Twitter being a free-for-all, there were immediately comparisons made to both Jared Lorenzen and Eddie Lacy, a couple of football players that have struggled with their weight. Alas, it turns out that the Eagles are still scheduled to face a relatively in-shape Dallas quarterback in Week 8.

Machota admitted that the picture caught Romo at an unflattering angle. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones even chimed in, laughing at the speculation:

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones laughed about the photo, clarifying that Romo is in "great shape."

"I think he's in some of the best shape he's been in. Everybody can always get a picture taken of you that makes it look different than it is."

True dat. Regardless of Romo’s physique, carrying on a few extra pounds doesn’t make it impossible to play quarterback. Jameis Winston didn’t appear to be in incredible shape last season, and that didn’t stop him from tossing five touchdown passes against the Eagles.

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