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July 08, 2015

'Beach Caddy' app in Ocean City helps families on the shore

A helper will load your belongings and take them to the beach and back

A day at the beach is supposed to be relaxing, but as any parent will tell you, the part that includes lugging a ton of equipment there and back can feel like a journey through the desert.

That’s where Todd Serpico of King of Prussia, Montgomery County and his team of caddies comes in.

According to 6ABC, Serpico, along with the help of four other families, recently launched an iPhone app-based business called Beach Caddy that allows beachgoers to hire a helper to bring their stuff to and from the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, for the cost of $10 per trip.

Users can download the app and view a map showing available caddies walking along the beach in real time, then click to reserve help.

Caddies will even come to your vacation home to get the stuff and then set it up on the beach, so all you have to do is plop down in your chair or blanket and enjoy the view.

All payments are also done through the app, which is linked to a user credit card.

Read the full 6ABC article here and learn more on the Beach Caddy Facebook page.

Correction: The original article misidentified the creators of Beach Caddy. Todd Serpico is a co-creator of the app, not the Peterson family.