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July 18, 2016

DNC delight: Weckerly's & Revolution Taco team up for 'Donkey Kick' ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream DNC2016
Donkey Kick Sandwich Handout Art/Weckerly's

Weckerly's and Revolution Taco's 'Donkey Kick' ice cream sandwich, a collaborative food effort being rolled out for the Democratic National Convention.

In the spirit of Hillary Clinton's love of heat (yes, she really does keep hot sauce in her bag) and chocolate, Revolution Taco and Weckerly's Ice Cream are rolling out a collaborative "Donkey Kick" ice cream sandwich for the Democratic National Convention next week.

Starting this Friday, July 22, through Sunday, July 31, Revolution Taco will sell the triple-threat treat – sweet, spicy and salty – out of its Rittenhouse storefront, at 2015 Walnut St. The ingredients: two house-made cinnamon cookies, with Revolution's salted fudge brownies and Weckerly's chipotle cinnamon-spiced chocolate ice cream sandwiched between them. Mention "DNC Deals" at the register and nab a sandwich for $5. Notably, the deal is while supplies last. 

Revolution Taco promises more culinary collaborations heading into fall.