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August 04, 2015

'Drake Night' host doesn't feel guilty about party in Meek's city

Philly DJ tells Complex that Meek's 'playing checkers while Drake is playing chess'

In the midst of the ongoing war of words between Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and Drake – a battle that many think Meek is losing – one monthly party in the city continues to honor the latter. 

One organizer, by the way, is not apologizing for it. 

Philly DJ Dirty South Joe, the host of "So Far Gone: Drake Night" at the Dolphin Tavern in South Philly, recently told Complex more about the party, and shared his thoughts on the feud. 

The premise of "Drake Night," which is held on a Wednesday night each month at the Dolphin, is pretty much as simple as the title. From 9 p.m. to midnight, rappers similar to Drake's style and popularity are played. 

Then, from midnight to 2 a.m., it's all Drizzy. There's even a photo booth with Drake as the backdrop at the back of the dance floor. 

Dirty South Joe (real name: Joey Massarueh) told Complex that the all-Drake set was added to the already regular party, founded by two other Philly DJs, back in November after the format worked one night. He also told Complex that despite Philadelphia being "Meek's city," he felt no guilt despite the feud. 

“God bless Meek Mill. Hopefully he'll get back on track, but he's playing checkers while Drake is playing chess. Hopefully this isn't the end of his career. We all make mistakes. As for feeling any 'guilt' about hosting 'Drake Night' in 'Meek's city'? No, not in the slightest.”

For Philadelphia's Drizzy loyalists, the next "Drake Night" will be held Wednesday, Aug. 19. There's no cover before 10 p.m. and it costs $5 to get in after that. 

Speaking from personal experience, it really is as fun as it sounds. Just don't tell Meek.