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November 23, 2015

The Eagles' most embarrassing 15 losses (or ties) over the last 15 years

It's not just that the Eagles are 4-6, and becoming more and more irrelevant by the week -- In far too many games this season, the Eagles have played like hot burning garbage. In my view, their games against the Cowboys, Dolphins, and Buccaneers this season are among the worst Eagles performance this century. Here's one man's opinion of the most embarrassing Eagles losses over the last 15 years, counting down from 15 to 1. What are yours?

(15) 2011: 49ers 24-23, the Ronnie Brown fumble game

Nobody knew it yet at the time, but this was actually a very good 49ers team that would go on to a 13-3 record. However, this game was early in the "Dream Team" season, and the Eagles were heavy favorites. The awfulness of this game was highlighted by Ronnie Brown's infamous jump-throw fumble:

(14) 2009: Raiders 13-9: The Pigeon Game

In 2009, the Jamarcus Russell-led Raiders were 5-11 and had the third worst point differential in the NFL, at -182. The Eagles got nothing going offensively, and David Akers missed two field goals. This game was famous for the pigeon that was hanging out on the field for a chunk of the afternoon.

(13) 2010: Vikings 24-14: Tuesday Night Football

With two games left in the regular season and the Eagles rolling down the stretch on a three-game win streak, Philly still had hopes for a first round bye in the playoffs. Instead, they ran into Joe Webb. Or rather, Joe Webb ran around them:

(12) 2013: Cowboys 17-3: No offense, Part I

The 2013 Cowboys defense was historically bad, when they allowed 415 yards per game. However, on one afternoon they harassed (and injured) Nick Foles all afternoon. Matt Barkley took over and threw three interceptions.

(11) 2013: Giants 15-7: No offense, Part II

The following week, Mike Vick returned to the lineup, and like Nick Foles the week before, was knocked out. Barkley took over once again and the Eagles offense was shut out, with their lone points coming on a TD return of a bad punt snap.

(10) 2015: Cowboys 20-10: No offense, Part III

This game looked like when you picked the right play against the computer in Tecmo Bowl:

Against his former team, DeMarco Murray had runs of -2, -3, -5, -5, and -6.

(9) 2008: Bengals 13-13: Wait... NFL games can end in ties?

Remember when Donovan McNabb had no idea that games could end in ties?

(8) 2003: Panthers 14-3 NFC Championship letdown, Part III

At least by now Eagles fans were used to being let down in the NFC Championship Game, as Ricky Manning bullied Todd Pinkston all game. The 2015 Eagles wide receivers have left a lot to be desired, but at least they're not Todd Pinkston.

(7) 2015: Dolphins 20-19: The Miles Austin Game

The Eagles lost this game for a hell of a lot of reasons other than just Miles Austin, but he's how I'll remember it. This is what was going on in Austin's head during this game:

(6) 2008: Ravens 36-7: McNabb benched

The Eagles' offense was completely dominated, as their lone points came on a Quintin Demps kick return TD. Donovan McNabb was benched, and Kevin Kolb was pick-sixed by Ed Reed:

(5) 2007: Giants 16-3: The Osi Umenyiora - Winston Justice Game

Donovan McNabb was beaten up all game, as he was sacked 12 times, seven of which were by Umenyiora:

(4) 2009: Cowboys 34-14: The Air Guitar Game

Remember Donovan McNabb's "fake confidence" air guitar heading out onto the field in the 2009 playoffs in the JerryDome?

My friend Rob Walsh knew the season was over the minute he saw the air guitar.

"I remember it like it was yesterday," said Walsh. "Bar was on. The heat was on (in the party barn). Everything was good. I got the big screen television, four feet by eight feet. I had the kegs tapped, and we ordered all these chicken wings and all this other food. So McNabb comes out of the tunnel (doing the air guitar), and I look at (my friend) Ed, and go, 'Cancel the wings?' And he goes, 'Definitely. This game is going to suck.' So we canceled the wings, and... the game sucked." 

This game essentially ended McNabb's career in Philly.

(3) 2015: Buccaneers 45-17: The Jameis Winston - Doug Martin Game

The Eagles gave up 283 rushing yards and five TD passes to the team that was picking first overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The NFL doesn't allow their YouTube videos to be embedded on other sites, because they're often idiotic, but if you want to re-live the awfulness of yesterday, you may do so here.

(2) 2005: Seahawks 42-0: Just a brutal beatdown

Mercifully, I could not find any video of this game, but this was a ridiculous beatdown in which the Eagles had 190 yards of total offense and turned the ball over six times, including three pick sixes.

(1) 2002: Buccaneers 27-10: Eagles choke job

After years and years of suffering, everything pointed to the Eagles heading to the Super Bowl... until they came out and just absolutely choked in the NFC Championship Game.

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