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February 04, 2015

A fairytail wedding, for a fee

Perfect Forecast: $100,000 Robot Priest: $70,000 Dream Wedding: (Far From) Priceless

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can guarantee you a perfect wedding day. No seriously, actual perfection, for a small (hefty) fee.

Are you worried rain in the forecast will ruin your special day? No fear, just $100,000 and you can send a plane into the sky to burst those rain clouds before saying “I Do.”

Don’t have enough ladies to match the number of your groomsmen? No problem, for only $2,000 you can hire a bridesmaid – and she won’t steal the show! Need a robot priest to officiate? Of course. Drone photographer? Check.

Really want to recite personalized vows, but afraid that it will come off as more of a nursery rhyme? A professional ghostwriter will write words that make your heart sing for just a few hundred bucks, and you can have a personalized song written for your first dance, too.

 Here’s to hoping that 'invisible boyfriend' pops the question soon! 

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