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February 27, 2019

Fans of 'The Notebook' are mad because Netflix is streaming an edited version in the UK

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Netflix is facing backlash in the UK because the platform is streaming an edited version of "The Notebook" with an alternate ending.

Fans of "The Notebook" are not pleased with Netflix right now.

The streaming service is apparently being accused by its users in the UK and Ireland of editing the tear-jerker of an ending. 

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But let's be honest, the ending to this romantic drama is basically why you watch the movie. It's gives closure to the weeping mess you've been for an hour-and-a-half and if nothing else proves Nicholas Sparks is the Shakespeare of our time. 

Spoiler: "The Notebook" ends with the two lovers dying at the same time, locked in an embrace in bed. A nurse comes to find them, hands cold to the touch, and each of them smiling. But in this alternate version, there is no nurse and no confirmation of death scene. Instead, we just see them in bed together, falling asleep, and then a shot of birds flying over a lake. 

Anyways, Netflix UK and Ireland put out a statement on Twitter saying they did not edit the movie and that apparently there is an alternate version that exists with the new ending.

Here is the real ending.

Luckily for "Notebook" stans in the U.S., the film has not yet been released. We'll have to wait until March 15 for that. Fingers crossed the platform gets this all figured out before then. Because we won't stand for it!

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