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June 30, 2015

Fifth medical marijuana dispensary approved in New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Health issued a permit on Monday to allow the fifth medical marijuana dispensary in the state to begin growing, the Courier-Post reports.

Compassionate Sciences Inc.'s facility, off Route 42 at 111 Coolidge Ave. in Bellmawr, Camden County, will serve up to 3,000 patients at full capacity. 

"We already have people in place, and everyone's just delighted and excited to get going," Andrei Bogolubov, a spokesman for Compassionate Sciences, told the Courier-Post.

"We're really proud of the facility. We put a lot of money and effort into it, and we think it's really going to be a showcase. They did a really nice job."

After the cannabis is grown and cured for distribution, it will be tested by a state lab and will face another state inspection. Then Compassionate Sciences will need a second permit to begin selling the marijuana to patients.

The plants will be started from clones and will take about eight to 10 weeks to mature. Compassionate Sciences also wants to produce edible versions of its products, as well as extractions, when the state Department of Health approves those processes.

While patients can only register with one dispensary at a time, they can change registration without cost, according to the health department.

A grand opening event is also expected this fall, once Compassionate Sciences receives full state approval.

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