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October 26, 2017

FOX29 cuts into World Series with commercials, broadcasts game without announcers

Philadelphians who watched the thrilling ending to Wednesday night's extra-innings World Series game on FOX29 were treated to a bizarre broadcast when ads for the station suddenly cut into the action and play continued for a few minutes without the announcers.

It started in the 10th inning when, as Awful Announcing noted, a promo for the station played over the game, (seemingly appropriately) asking, "What is going on?" That was followed by a return to the action but without announcers Joe Buck and John Smoltz, meaning all that was heard during Jose Altuve's home run was a defeated Los Angeles crowd. Shortly after the home run, a station tagline, "We go there," appeared on the screen without audio.

Twitter users said the cut to commercial in the middle of the action — during what turned out to be a classic between the Astros and Dodgers — happened at least twice again, and the broadcast continued to play without Buck and Smoltz. 

According to social media, the issue seemed to be unique to FOX29 viewers. While some joked they were happy not to hear Buck (he’s not exactly loved in Philly), many local baseball fans were irritated, including our Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence.

Oddly enough, the station tweeted out the final score without addressing the hate it was receiving on social media.

When asked about the issues, a FOX29 spokesperson provided the following statement: “We experienced a technical difficulty and are looking into the matter.”