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September 01, 2016

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Jets preseason game

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The Eagles are now a preseason dynasty.

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the New York Jets in their annual fourth and final preseason game matchup, and as usual the action was scintillating. OK, it wasn't at all. 

As always, win or lose, meaningful game or not, we hand out 10 awards:

The Undefeated Preseason Award: The Philadelphia Eagles

So the Eagles were undefeated in the preseason! Hooray! Here are the teams who went undefeated in the preseason over the last 10 years:

Team W L
2015 Chiefs (4-0) 11 5
2014 Ravens (4-0) 10 6
2014 Giants (5-0) 6 10
2014 Vikings (4-0) 7 9
2013 Redskins (4-0) 3 13
2013 Seahawks (4-0) 13 3
2012 Eagles (4-0) 4 12
2012 Seahawks (4-0) 11 5
2011 Lions (4-0) 10 6
2011 Rams (4-0) 2 14
2010 49ers (4-0) 6 10
2009 Dolphins (4-0) 7 9
2009 Ravens (4-0) 9 7
2009 Seahawks (4-0) 5 11
2008 Lions (4-0) 0 16
2006 Bengals (4-0) 8 8
2006 Giants (4-0) 8 8
2006 Panthers (4-0) 8 8
TOTAL 128 160


The Na Brown Award Winner: Paul Turner

As we explained after the Eagles-Steelers preseason game, if you aren't familiar with the yearly "Na Brown Award," it is the title awarded to the Eagles player who comes out of almost nowhere to cause a big stir at camp and raises his expectations unreasonably high in the process. Back in the early Donovan McNabb days, Na Brown was a camp stud who got a lot of hype but ultimately failed to live up to his heightened expectations.

Previous winners include guys like Hank Baskett, Riley Cooper, Lorenzo Booker, and Henry Josey.

It has become somewhat of a negative thing to earn, because more often than not, the hype eventually turns the player into a disappointment. But for now, it means one thing ... that the player is doing good things and getting noticed. That's a great thing for Turner.

Against the Jets in one last chance to solidify a roster spot, Turner had 5 catches for 53 yards, and a punt return for a TD.  And yet, there's still a question as to whether the guy will make the roster or not.

The Bleh Award: Chase Daniel

14 of 22, 131 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 42.0 QB rating. And it all just kinda looked ugly. Chase has not impressed.

The 'Means of Production' Award: Steven Means

Means has stood out all preseason long, and he finished strong with a sack and two QB knockdowns. Hello, 53-man roster.

Also, apologies for the awful pun, but at least it wasn't "Means business" for the 800th time.

The Rowe'l Reversal Award: Eric Rowe

What happened to Eric Rowe from last year to this year? A season ago, he was making plays like the one below, where he was running down the sideline with receivers, locating the ball, and making plays.

Playing against third and fourth stringers, Rowe had a bad face-guarding pass interference penalty that was the polar opposite of the above technique. Odd. And it's not a good sign when you're playing in the fourth quarter of the fourth preseason game.

The Quick Exit Award: Dorial Green-Beckham

One guy who did not play much was DGB. He made two catches, looked good, and was out of the game quickly. Golf clap.

The Pick-Six-And-Cut Award: Ed Reynolds

A season ago, Ed Reynolds had two interceptions in the Eagles' preseason game against the Colts. He was later cut. In the fourth preseason game against the Jets, Reynolds had a pick-six, and once again may be cut.

The Drop-And-Be-Dropped Award: Chris Pantale

Pantale had been earmarked as the Eagles' fourth tight end for much of training camp and the preseason. Unfortunately, he had three drops against the Jets, and frankly just isn't very good. There's really no justification for keeping him on the 53-man roster.

The Shittu Happens Award: Aziz Shittu

Defensive tackle Aziz Shittu doesn't stink. He was like a bull all night, or perhaps a Bull Shittu. He's also a tough Shittu, and not at all like Ron Artest, as Shittu would never hit a fan. Shittu is also off the pot (can't confirm he was ever on it) – he's Shittu-fit. If the Eagles also had Shittu's brother, Jack Shittu, they might have been able to give two Shittus for a receiver.

Again, my apologies.

The Super Bowl Champs: The Eagles

Well, if they get to play Christian Hackenberg every week...

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