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March 15, 2019

Inspiring video of little girl at Harrisburg market reaches ABC World News

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Lilly ABC World News ABC World News /YouTube

Issac Whitte poses for a photo with Lilly at Giant Food supermarket in Harrisburg. The heartwarming video of Lilly helping Whitte bag groceries is getting national attention.

A 9-year-old girl in Harrisburg is capturing hearts around the world this week after ABC World News featured a moving video of her experience at a grocery store check-out.

Lilly, who has special needs, joined her mother at the local Giant Food store recently to get some grocery shopping done. Lilly rarely interacts with strangers while she's out, but something about the kindness of cashier Isaac Whitte struck a chord with the little girl.

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While Lilly and her mother were checking out, Whitte noticed that Lilly couldn't keep her eyes off the way he was bagging items. Whitte asked Lilly if she wanted to help. She enthusiastically took the job and carefully bagged each item one by one.

The most touching part of the video comes when Lilly blurts out to Whitte, "I just love you."

Lilly and her mother were so touched by the experience that they returned to the store to give Whitte thank-you note and a hug. It may have a been a small gesture, but it clearly went a long way for Lilly.