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April 03, 2015

Healthy cooking tip: Nix the oil

Keeping a healthy diet and satisfying your appetite can often be at odds. Well they certainly don't have to be. 

If you're used to cooking dishes with oil, which can add lots of unnecessary calories, an article from Yahoo Lifestyle has some alternatives. Here's the roundup of healthier ways to prepare your next meal, with some video assistance as well. Also, we'll focus on vegetables, but these methods can be used for a variety of dishes. 


An advantage of steaming your food is that the nutrients aren’t lost and you are less likely to under or overcook your food. 


Grilling helps retain most of the nutrients and keeps the calorie-count low.


This is another method where you do not have to use oil, instead water is used just before it reaches its boiling point. This helps to cook food in a healthier manner. 


There is a difference between grilling your food and barbecuing it. When you barbecue it, the food is not directly exposed to the heat and is also cooked at a lower temperature which means it takes slightly longer to cook it.