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June 14, 2017

Honeygrow proves virtual reality isn’t just for gaming; it’s for stir-fry, too

Virtual Reality Food
032616_Honeygrowstirfry Honeygrow/Facebook

Stir-fry from Honeygrow.

In the five years since Philadelphia-based startup food chain Honeygrow started in 2012, the number of virtual reality headsets – and the concept of virtual reality itself – has grown exponentially. Today, there are more than 200 companies developing VR-related products, with even Facebook allocating an enormous amount of employees to it.

Still, even with a virtual reality takeover, it’s hard to draw a connection between headsets largely associated with video gaming and the stir-fry and salad destination that is Honeygrow.

Nonetheless, the fast-casual eatery is now using Northern Liberties-based Klip Collective to train employees.

“Klip Collective is using their artistic and technical prowess to forge a new path in the virtual reality world – a practical application for employee training and development,” the company’s website reads. 

“In a unique partnership with the quickly growing restaurant chain Honeygrow, Klip has developed an interactive virtual reality program using brand new technology that will help educate, train and prepare new employees at Honeygrow locations across the country."

Klip Collective posted a couple virtual reality videos that showcase what Honeygrow onboarders can expect, including an introduction from Honeygrow founder and CEO Justin Rosenberg. Klip goes into deeper detail on the making of the videos as well.

Other businesses are taking notice, too, with Klip’s project landing on Entrepreneur’s “Brilliant Ideas” list earlier this month.

As Honeygrow continues to expand, with locations set for Boston’s Fenway Park and an upcoming store in Chicago, the VR training experience is lined up to be a universal trait of the company.