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November 30, 2018

Six things you can do right now to spark creativity

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Creativity isn’t reserved solely for the artists, writers, and entertainers of the world — creativity dwells in all of us! Awakening your imagination, however, can be easier said than done. Anyone who has tried to sit down and compose a song, write a poem, or bring their artistic vision to life can tell you that creativity ebbs and flows. But when it comes to harnessing your ingenuity, there are a few things you can try to really get the creative juices flowing.

1. Listen to music

Music primarily impacts the right side of the brain, which is the side most often associated with creative thinking. After all, music has been proven to improve cognition and enhance learning, so it’s only natural that cranking up your favorite tunes will instantly put your mind at ease, allowing expressive thoughts to flow more freely.

2. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal helps many people capture their most original thoughts, and it can also keep your mental and emotional well-being in check. If you’re looking for that creative spark, consider spending the first half hour of your morning journaling. Before you know it, creative writing will become your new favorite daily habit.

3. Take a walk outside

Both walking and enjoying the outdoors are two phenomenal ways to unleash your subconscious and bring creative thoughts into focus. This technique tends to work best when you stick with familiar territory — not needing to navigate new terrain will give you the freedom to let your mind wander.

4. Travel

Even if you’re a creature of habit, change can be good, and there’s nothing like a healthy change of scenery to heighten creativity levels. This can mean taking a relaxing vacation or road trip, or it could involve something as simple as carting your laptop across the street to a local park or café. Either way: take in your new view, and enjoy the creativity-boosting effects.

5. Lighten up (literally)

The physical lighting of the spaces you occupy can make a world of difference in your ability to innovate and think creatively. Natural light, for example, enhances free thought and self-expression, so be sure to avoid the windowless, fluorescent-lit conference room next time you’ve got a tough assignment on your hands. Even something as simple as switching to lamps can keep the writer’s block at bay and your creativity at an all-time high.

6. Meditate

It is difficult to be creative when your brain is moving a mile per minute. Taking time to simply do nothing will allow your mind to relax and recover from the near-constant mental activity required to get through your day. Giving your mind the space it needs to work on problems, or tackle new ones, can often be more productive than constant overstimulation. Mindful meditation is practiced by people across the globe, and is known to provide a number of benefits, from reduced stress, to improved sleep, to enhanced creativity. In this case, slowing the mind and body down can work wonders when it comes to ramping your creativity up.

The next time you’re feeling that inspirational itch for self-expression, but just can’t quite get started, follow these simple ideas and you’ll see your creativity flowing in no time.

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