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January 15, 2016

Internet reacts to Trump rally's 'Freedom Kids' performance

"Enemies of freedom face the music. Come on boys, take them down!" the lyrics tout

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Freedom Kids Performance Freedom Kids USA/Screenshot

Watch what has been dubbed “the Official Donald Trump Jam.”

Just in case Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump needed something else to deliver wide-eyed stares, a patriotic rally performance by a trio of pint-sized Trump supporters – dubbed "the Official Donald Trump Jam" – has been making the Internet rounds. 

The ode was performed during a Florida rally Wednesday by three young girls who are part of a group called the USA Freedom Kids and was written by the father of one of the young dancers, Business Insider reports.

As Mother Jones noted, the tune may be a bid to land on the military's torture playlist. But before we share some social media commentary, watch for yourself.