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May 23, 2024

Jason Kelce delivers clues during 'Jeopardy! Masters' finale

The former Eagle rapped a Salt-N-Pepa song and recited a Mummers poem during a category called 'The World Revolves Around Jason Kelce.'

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The 'Jeopardy! Masters' finale included a category called, 'The World Revolves Around Jason Kelce,' and the retired Eagles star read the clues.

The finale of the elite "Jeopardy! Masters" tournament aired Wednesday. There were no local contestants competing for the $500,000 prize, but the game still had some Philly flair thanks to a cameo by retired Eagles star Jason Kelce.

Kelce delivered pre-recorded clues in a first-round category aptly titled "The World Revovles Around Jason Kelce," a sentiment long held by Philly sports fans. Contestants Yogesh Raut, James Holzhauer and Victoria Groce — who is from Pittsburgh — took turns responding to Kelce-themed clues that had the former Birds center reciting Mummers poetry and rapping a Salt-N-Pepa track.

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"I'm Jason Kelce," Kelce said in a video introducing the category. "Contestants, you studied up on geology and theology, but did you learn your Kelce-ology? We'll find out as I present clues."

Holzhauer, known for seeking out Daily Doubles and placing large wagers — techniques believed to have inspired Ocean City "Jeopardy!" juggernaut Cris Pannullo — selected first in the category, and went for the most expensive clue, $1,000.

"It's great being a girl dad, but not for a medieval king," Kelce said, referring to his three daughters. "Philip V of France and his wife, Joan, of this wine producing region, had only surviving daughters and no heir to the throne."

Groce, who went on to win the finale, answered correctly with, "What is Burgundy?"

Next in the category, Holzhauer selected the $800 clue. 

"I probably had a different experience at the University of Cincinnati than this man, who is Lincoln's Treasury Secretary and the face on the $10,000 bill," Kelce, a Cincinnati alum, read.

Holzhauer correctly answered, "Who was (Salmon) Chase?" He then picked the $600 clue.

"'Here we stand before your door, as we stood the year before. Give us whiskey, give us gin, open the door, and let us in,'" Kelce said. "It's a poem from this group, a Philly tradition. I dressed as one at our Super Bowl victory parade." Meanwhile, a photo was displayed of Kelce delivering his famed parade speech dressed in full Mummers garb.

Raut correctly answered this clue with, "Who are Mummers?"

Later, Groce, chose the $400 clue.

"I was a key part of our quarterback sneak known as the Tush Push. So I always smile knowingly when I hear their song," Kelce said, before doing a deadpan delivery of the lyrics: "'Ah, push it. Push it good. Ah, push it. Push it real good.'" 

Raut again took this clue, asking, "Who are Salt-N-Pepa?"

Finally, Groce selected the $200 clue in the category.

"In 2023, along with yours truly, Pedro Pascal and Usher were finalists for this honor from People magazine," Kelce said. "Patrick Dempsey won, but this ain't over, McDreamy."

Groce responded with the correct question, "What is Sexiest Man Alive?"

It seems the contestants knew their Kelce-ology, acing the category. Or perhaps the sweep was thanks to Kelce's delivery skills. He may be coming for your hosting gig, Ken Jennings! Quiz show hosting jobs do seem to be a trend in the Kelce fam right now, as younger brother and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is set to host Prime Video's 'Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?"

Jason Kelce already has his hands full in the TV department, as he has signed on to join ESPN's "Monday Night Countdown." Maybe we'll see him on the other side of the "Jeopardy!" podium in an upcoming season of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" which was won last season by actress Lisa Ann Walter, who stars in "Abbott Elementary." At the very least, hopefully Jason and Travis will recap the "Jeopardy!" cameo on an upcoming installation of their podcast, "New Heights." 

"Jeopardy! Masters" can be streamed on Hulu.

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