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November 01, 2018

You can buy a $22 Joe Biden-scented candle at this nearby museum

Ever wonder what former vice president Joe Biden smells like? According to one candlemaker: orange sports drink.

The Delaware History Museum in Wilmington is selling oddly popular Joe Biden-scented candles for $22 a pop, giving visitors the illusion of inhaling Amtrak Joe's natural musk – the stuff of which Leslie Knope's dreams are made.

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According to the Delaware News Journal, the candles have been carried at the museum for about a year and sell out regularly.

The candles are made by JD and Kate Industries, an independent Etsy seller whose other candles include Barrack Obama scented with almonds, coconut, and pineapple, and a Trump candle that smells of suntan lotion and steak.

"The candle comes in a beautiful shade of orange that looks very natural and not at all weird and off-putting," the description of the Trump candle reads. "The Trump-Scented Candle may look small in the photo, but we guarantee you there's no problem. We guarantee."

The description for the Biden candle is equally tongue-in-cheek:

"Now the only thing standing between you and Joe Biden is ... well, basically all the same stuff as before. But at least now you have this great candle. You’ll feel your hope and optimism being restored as you lift the lid and inhale the aroma of Biden’s favorite orange-flavored sports drink. (We won’t mention the brand name, but see if you can guess! Here’s a hint: It’s not Powerade.)"

Lest you forget, the former VEEP stated in a 2016 interview with Us Weekly that his favorite drink is orange Gatorade.

The candles are for sale on Etsy for $22 or at the Delaware History Museum for the same price (the museum saves some money by buying them in bulk). Browse through the shop's full candle collection here.

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