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September 01, 2023

Jonathan Gannon delivers worst hype speech ever

Arizona Cardinals head coach and former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon tried hyping up his new team. It did not work.

NFL media members and fans alike are buzzing about a new video featuring the Arizona Cardinals and their first-year head coach Jonathan Gannon. It just happens to be for all the wrong reasons.

An excerpt from the Cardinals' YouTube channel show Cards Flight Plan made its way around Twitter (or "X," I guess), featuring Gannon delivering a hype speech to his squad. I use the word "hype" quite loosely. You can view that here:

Gannon asks his players, "Did you have fire in your gut?" with the energy of a graveyard. Cardinals players stare in disbelief that this is supposed to amp them up and that dude is their coach for this season. Gannon drops an f-bomb as a last vestige of trying to be edgy. It fails. He looks simply overmatched and unqualified to be a leader of men that's a requisite quality in an NFL head coach. 

Gannon was a pretty good defensive coordinator with the Eagles, but will go down in history for his poor performance in Super Bowl LVII, which is magnified by the fact that he preparing for eventual Cardinals head coaching interview during the lead-up to the Big Game rather than focusing on the Chiefs themselves. 

Earlier this week, I wrote a column stating that Gannon would be a one-and-done head coach with the Cardinals and might not even survive the entire season. That drew angry emails with a poor understanding of the English language from Cardinals fans, who I didn't even know existed. Even the staunchest Arizonians should be worried about their squad after watching this. 

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