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July 27, 2015

LeSean McCoy's plans to hold upscale 'extravaganza' foiled by irresponsible media and 'Internet'

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Shady 5 Jimmy Kempski/for PhillyVoice

We, the media, ruined Shady's party and are deeply apologetic.

Late last week LeSean McCoy announced a "female only" private party he was holding in Philly. It would appear LeSean either changed his mind, or perhaps he didn't find enough acceptable skanks to show up. 

In a follow-up Instagram post, Shady announced that the party plans had changed, noting that the media and "Internet" took his party "outta context." Bad Internet!

I'm not sure exactly what the media took "outta context." 

If you were a female hoping to attend and you applied via email, you received an automated response asking for pictures and social media handles. If you passed the picture phase, you then made it on to Round 2, you were given further instructions on how to attend. Here's the auto-response you received if you applied to attend LeSean's orgy extravaganza:


In summary, LeSean invited "females only" to try out to attend to a private party, showing up on their own (without a "+1") with instructions on what to wear to some secret location, where upon arrival they would have had to sign a confidentiality agreement. But at least he was careful to note that if you're not at least 21 years old, you're not allowed in. Responsible. And dare I say, classy. 


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