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January 10, 2016

LeSean McCoy shows up at Sixers-Cavs with Cleveland hat on

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There were a couple of notable local athletes that turned up at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday night to watch LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers: Mike Trout and LeSean McCoy.

McCoy, who received a much better reception from the Philly crowd than the one he got at The Linc last month (something close to 60-40 cheers, in one man’s opinion), happened to be wearing a Cleveland Indians hat. Master troll or coincidence?

What I am curious about is the reasoning for the improved reaction. Has the firing of Chip Kelly caused Philly fans to reevaluate? Was the Sixers crowd just filled with a bunch of Cavs "fans" who don’t care about the Eagles?

The world may never know, but we do have evidence that Shady has bad basketball opinions:

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