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January 30, 2017

Philly restaurant Opa reopens after reported health inspection violations

Mice, both alive and dead, and droppings had allegedly been spotted

UPDATE: A health inspection on Monday (Jan. 30) determined that Opa is in compliance, and the cease operations order was immediately lifted. A statement from the restaurant's representative said the establishment reopened for business on Monday evening.

Opa, a Greek-style restaurant and bar located in Philadelphia's Gayborhood, has remained temporarily shuttered since Jan. 18 due to several health inspection violations, including reported sightings of live and dead mice and mouse droppings.

According to an inspection report log by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, city health inspectors visited the restaurant on Jan. 18, when a violation, reportedly over mouse droppings, was first issued, then returned on Jan. 20, Jan. 23 and Jan. 26 respectively, which led to more violations, including reported sightings of live mice, a dead mouse under a booth in the dining room and droppings.

Mouse droppings were reportedly spotted on food containers in a dry storage area, under a meat slicer in the basement, on the lower part of a cooling rack, underneath booths in the dining area and behind beer kegs and cooking equipment.

During the most recent inspection on Jan. 26, a live mouse was reportedly found crawling on food containers, the inspection report notes. 

Aside from the reported mice-related violations, flies were also allegedly found "harbouring on walls" in the seating area, servers area and in the basement, and "black residue" and "pink slime" were observed on the interior of the ice machine.

There is no word on when the next inspection will take place or when the restaurant is expected to reopen.

The owners, in a statement provided to Philadelphia Magazine, reported that a professional sanitation consultant service has come through after an extensive cleaning and has concluded that Opa is currently the cleanest restaurant in the city.

Read the full statement at Philadelphia Magazine. View the violation reports here.

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