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May 07, 2015

Lonely Apple Watch users seek fellow heartbeats

Subreddit created to connect them online

Apple Watch users are feeling lonely as they wait for the rest of the world to get on board with the new technology.

So Reddit user nooshaw started the subreddit r/lonelyheartbeats as a place for lonely Watch users to connect and use the device’s most intimate features.

“It started as a group of Watch buyers who didn’t know anyone else that was getting one and wanted to play with the Watch to watch heartbeats, sketches, and tap features,” redditor nooshow told Wired

R/lonelyheartbeats had 88 subscribers as of Monday and two dozen requests, according to nooshaw.

“Looks like people are connecting and tapping each other,” nooshaw told Wired, adding, “with [penis] pics being the norm.”

ShareTheHeartbeat is another online community to help Apple Watch users find friends.

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