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May 16, 2019

These low-carb tortillas are made with a vegetable you probably haven't heard of

Here's what you should know about the low-carb, grain-free and vegan jicama variety

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low-carb jicama tortillas Photo courtesy/Whole Foods

Xica specializes in jicama-based products.

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a “healthier” alternative for nearly every type of indulgent food – from pasta to chips.

Oftentimes, these healthier alternatives are created to be either more nutrient-rich or lower-carb than the “normal” food item. That’s exactly the case with Xica, a recently discovered brand focusing on jicama-based foods.

What is jicama, you ask? Well, according to Healthline, jicama is a nutrient-rich root vegetable that’s native to Mexico. Its slightly nutty and sweet flavor makes it comparable to water chestnuts or a cross between a potato and a pear. (Don't eat the jicama beans, they are toxic, the health website noted.)

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Xica, which has actually been around for more than 15 years, specializes in creating low-carb and grain-free jicama-based tortillas. These alt-tortillas boast a mere two grams of carbs per tortilla and just eight calories. Plus, from what we can tell, jicama is the only ingredient, if you can believe it — making these low-carb tortillas vegan, too.

But tortillas aren’t the only jicama specialty Xica offers. They also have jicama tortilla chips, which also come packaged with hummus or cream cheese and strawberries — because, yes, these jicama products can go sweet or savory.

Also available is prepared jicama tacos that come filled with things like pineapple, cranberry, cactus and a blend of cranberry and spinach or kale.

If your interest has been piqued by jicama tortillas, keep your eyes peeled for them at Whole Foods. It’s worth noting that they are not currently stocked in any Philly-area Whole Foods locations, but the chain does carry them so they should eventually arrive here.

If you can’t wait to try them, you do have an at-home option for jicama tortillas — simply peel a jicama and thinly slice with a mandoline. 

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