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October 28, 2016

Lower Merion scam claims you cheated on your spouse, asks for Bitcoin blackmail

Some blackmail artists in Lower Merion Township who apparently spent too much time watching daytime television claim to know of your infidelities.

Police said Thursday that many residents have received letters claiming scammers know you're cheating on your spouse and have evidence that they'll show to your wife and family (and presumably have Joey Greco ambush you). They are demanding $2,000.

"Ignoring this letter will result in your wife and the people closest to her finding about your adultery," the letter reads.

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Lower Merion police stressed that the scam is completely bogus, writing on Facebook, "Please DO NOT give them any money. Shred the letter and throw it away."

Oh, and according to CBS3, the scammers asked for their victims to pay the blackmail in Bitcoin, because of course they wanted to be paid in Bitcoin.

The moral of the story: Even if you're cheating on your spouse, never believe a blackmailer that wants to be compensated in Bitcoin.