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March 02, 2015

Main Line man charged with videotaping women in homes, store dressing rooms

Sean Moses uploaded recordings to porn websites

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Moses Source/Radnor Township Police Department

Sean Moses

A Montgomery County man was arrested Monday for, according to police, videotaping women — for more than a decade — in store dressing rooms and uploading them to porn websites.

Sean Moses, 37, of 
Penn Valley, was arrested and charged with over 200 offenses — including 86 counts of invasion of privacy and other related charges, police said. According to NBC Philadelphia, criminal use of a cellphone and child porn are also included in the charges.

According to police records a woman filed a complaint on Sept. 7, 2014, after she spotted a man filming outside of her Bryn Mawr apartment. Police later found a video on a porn website that included the woman and her roommate. The same user who uploaded the video of the Bryn Mawr victim uploaded 85 other videos that were filmed in other local locations. Police said Moses admitted to posting under that username.

Radnor Township Police Superintendent William Colarulo told NBC that Moses videotaped women for several years in several locations — as far away as the Jersey Shore.

"Mr. Moses has be doing this for 13 years that we know about," Colarulo told NBC. "[This is] probably the biggest invasion of privacy case I've ever seen."

Surveillance videos at the King of Prussia Mall, according to ABC, allegedly showed Moses reaching under dressing room doors in several stores, including Forever 21 and Express. Police tracked videos posted online to Moses and have attempted to delete them from the web, but followers have been reposting them.

"My number one concern is to have him on the Megan's Law website for the rest of his life," Colarulo said.

Police are encouraging women to come forward if they could have potentially been a victim. The Radnor Township Police Department can be reached at (610) 688-0503