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October 31, 2018

Your annual drunk Halloween 'news' interviews in Manayunk

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Manayunk Halloween 3 CheeseParade/YouTube

Scott Bigos interviews Philadelphians for Halloween in annual special report.

What would Halloween be without drunk adults staggering around the city in a collective cosplay?

Candy is great and all, but Philadelphia owes a debt of gratitude to Scott Bigos, the once-a-year newscaster who walks the streets of Manayunk interviewing wasted partiers every Halloween.

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This is now the third year of Bigos' Halloween ritual. His interviews are getting decidedly more vulgar and incoherent, which is fantastic news. 

It's best to let this video speak for itself and just warn you that if you get offended, it's totally your fault for hitting the play button.

The drunk superlative here goes to the candid young lady who appears around the 2:53 mark.

"I'm broke and I'm the baddest b**** in this," she says. "I've had so many guys break my heart, but I'm the baddest b**** in this!"

Happy Halloween!