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September 25, 2017

Map: Here are the best times to view fall foliage across Pennsylvania

Autumn, the season bizarrely and unfairly getting a bad reputation in some corners of the internet, is here. And you know what that means.

Pretty stuff!

But you may have noticed on your walk or drive that it's not pretty in Philadelphia or the rest of the state yet. When? WHEN?

Do not fret. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry has released its first ever fall foliage map, which shows residents when leaves will reach their "peak color" in different areas (a tip of the hat to PhillyMag).

In Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, it appears that peak color will be Oct. 24-30, the latest timeframe in the state.

Pennsylvania Bureau Of Forestry/FALL FOLIAGE REPORT

This map shows the estimated times of 'peak color' of fall foliage across Pennsylvania.

Here's what the bureau says to look out for in the Southern Region, which includes Philly:

Minor foliage changes are noticeable on a few species, like bittersweet and black walnut. Stressed ashes are yellowing early, and staghorn sumac is just beginning to turn orange in some areas.

Got it. If you're looking for 10 spots to view picturesque fall foliage near Philly, we have literally the perfect article for you. And for kicks, here are a few more pictures of pretty autumn trees to hold you over until late October.

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

A cyclist rides along the Schuylkill River Trail on a warm autumn day in Philadelphia.