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January 14, 2016

Mike Milbury: ‘I hate the Flyers and their fans’

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Whenever the Philadelphia Flyers are on national television, as they were Wednesday night when they played the Boston Bruins, the NBC studio show has a couple of #FormerFlyers that most Philly fans like in the analyst rotation: Keith Jones and Jeremy Roenick.

And then there is Mike Milbury.

Your initial reaction might be, “Who is Mike Milbury?” That’s totally understandable! Mike Milbury is somebody who I have heard of for three reasons:

•    As a player, he went into the stands and slapped a fan with a shoe:

•    He was a pretty terrible general manager for the New York Islanders, who were almost bought by a guy worth $5 million when Milbury worked there.

•    He works as a studio analyst and consistently drives Flyers fans crazy.

A lot of times, angry fans will say “You hate my team!” to an unbiased reporter/writer/analyst and look foolish doing so. Not in Milbury’s case, though. During Wednesday night’s broadcast, he admitted that he hates the Flyers (h/t Sons of Penn).

“I will tell you, I still hate Philadelphia and the Flyers. I do. I hate their fans, I hate their owner.”

They hate you too, Mike. They hate you too.

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