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October 01, 2017

This is the most popular Airbnb in all of Pennsylvania

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092817_MuseumofArtPBD Source/Philly by Drone

Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Remember a couple years ago when everyone was trying to Airbnb out their apartment during the Papal visit?

Well, it turns out Philly’s Airbnb world isn’t just limited to street-clogging world events; this $49-dollars-a-night room 15 minutes from Center City is the most popular Airbnb in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

A roundup by Mic of the most popular Airbnbs in all 50 states highlighted the most sought-after spots across the U.S., from private midwestern ranches that house up to 11 to an otherworldly tree house in Hawaii.

Despite all the other attractions that may bring outsiders to Pennsylvania, which could range from stargazing to chocolate to our frenemie city Pittsburgh, all of that apparently doesn’t hold a candle to staying in an apartment walking distance from museums and Center City, and with a sunny outdoor deck to boot.

The room can house up to two people, sharing communal spaces with the apartment’s tenants, including an updated kitchen and bathroom and a living room flooded with natural light.

Take a look at the full Airbnb listing here, or check out the Mic roundup to get your wanderlust in gear.